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Project & OOG Movements
Pipes Boats
Oil Well Equipments Steel Wire Drums
Gensets Heavy Steel Drums 80 MT and 90 MT
Gensets Bare Flow Metering System

We provide total logistics and shipping Services for pipes which includes Stuffing, Lashing, Transportation and Freight

Oil Well Equipments

We are responsible for the total shipping and logistics support for Oil well equipment that Includes Lashing, Transportation, Crainage & Custom Clearance and Door Delivery


We take care of projects with total logistics and shipping services for Gensets handling including Crainage, Transportation and Freight.

Gensets Bare

We are responsible for Total Shipping and Logistics support including Stuffing, Lashing, Crainage Transportation and Sea Freight.


We are responsible for Total Shipping and Logistics support including On Board Stuffing, Lashing, Marine Survey, Transportation, Crainage, Custom Clearance, Door Delivery and Sea Freight.

Steel Wire Drums

On a regular basis we carry Steel Wire Drums weighing 52 tons per Drum. We are Responsible for the entire Shipping of the cargo which includes On Board Stuffing, Lashing And Marine Survey.

Heavy Steel Drums 80 MT and 90 MT

We undertake total responsibility for Shipping and Logistics Support including transportation, floating crain at bends, custom clearance and Door delivery

Flow Metering System

We are Responsible for Total Shipping and Stevedoring for Direct Loading Under UC Terms.

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