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Shipping/Chartering/Agency Services

Shipping is an important facet of the movement business. Depending on the consignment, we use charter vessels to transport your cargo to/from neighbouring countries in break-bulk or containers. Freight apart, our expertise also lies in operating cargo ships from 3000 DWT to 15000 DWT. Our shipping insights ensure that your cargo always reaches its destination by the most efficient and cost effective route.

Services provided by
  Fairmacs Shipping & Transport Services Pvt. Ltd.
Agency Services

Crew comfort is a critical parameter in the efficiency of shipping operations. A satisfied crew ensures lower voyage time, faster service and efficient delivery. Our years in the movement business help us understand what shipping crews need to function at their best.

Agency Services
  • Inward Entry
  • Outward Entry
  • Crew repatriation
  • On-shore travel
  • Medical aid


  • Bunkering
  • Supplies
  • Technical assistance
  • Port Clearance


Services provided by
  Fairmacs Shipping & Transport Services Pvt. Ltd.
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