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Container Line
Our container line connects most ports across South-East Asia, the Middle East, India and many inland container depots. With over 1500 owned and leased containers, we have the flexibility to scale our resources to meet your needs.
  • Fast movement
  • Economical
  • Fleet of 1500 containers
  • Efficient Asian network
At TransLiner, we do not limit the services of Fairmacs to the oceans. We also move containers to inland destinations, be it an Inland Container Depot (ICD) or Consignees' premises by road or rail. The containers remains sealed and unopened (except where customs perform a spot check) until arrival at the required destination.

By Fairmacs services, we mean that the cargo is packed and loaded in the container by the Shipper and unpacked by the consignee. This is also commonly termed as ‘shipment’ on Fairmacs/Fairmacs or CY/CY basis.

Fairmacs offers complete schedule flexibility, a high frequency of sailings per port-pair coupled with the availability of equipment.

Our Multimodal Transport Document (MTD) allows us to issue 'through' documents from origin to destination.
Services provided by
  Fairmacs Shipping & Transport Services Pvt. Ltd.
Special Equipments
Fairmacs Shipping transports various sized and over-weighed cargo (commonly known as Special Cargo) to destinations worldwide by extending the range of containerized cargo utilization.

Built and specially designed to accommodate over-height and over- weight cargo that are prone to damage, special containers provide a conducive environment for customers' special cargo transportation.

Fairmacs Shipping has the dedicated organization for special cargo services and fully acknowledges and observes relevant transportation law and regulations. This prevents cargo damage with keen attention and close monitoring. These also ensure the prevention of problems and prompt settlement in case of trouble.

Fairmacs Shipping ensures that utmost care and expertise of special cargo is taken by qualified professionals throughout our logistics network to provide the best quality service.
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