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Institutional Catering & House keeping
Our kitchens deliver satisfaction to some of the harshest spots on the earth - oil rigs. We meet the stringent catering requirements of the Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC), base kitchens on land rigs, ships calling on Indian ports and other remote locations as well.

Our house-keeping services present an efficient and pleasant environment, wherever the location might be. Operations that have been planned thoroughly and trained staff ensure quick and discreet service at all times.
Company premises, guest houses and staff quarters need to be functional yet appealing. Our team takes care of every little detail to ensure that your people are comfortable at all times.
Catering & House-keeping highlights
  • Seasoned chefs
  • Balanced food by qualified nutritionists
  • Wholesome and inviting menu
  • Fresh ingredients, vegetables, meat and seafood
  • Well-trained cooks, mess boys and housekeepers
  • Constant training and quality control
  • Sterile pantries, kitchens and cold stores
  • In-house cold store, supplies and transport facilities
  • Furnish, clean and maintain companies, guest houses and quarters
Services provided by
  Fairmacs Catering Company Pvt. Ltd
Coastal Cargo

We understand the working and processes involved in Cargo movement in the Indian coast. Transperent operations ensure that good relations are maintained with Customs Clearances. the Dock Labour Board and the Mercantile Marine Department.

We operate our own ships and also charter ships on a regular basis.


  • Point-to-point cargo handling
  • Chartering
  • Break-bulk specialisation
  • Containerised cargo movement
Services provided by
  Fairmacs Shipping & Transport Services Pvt. Ltd.


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